Bones crack against each other, singular chuckles - you are born with little about your posture.

But doesn't it feel right to stand up straight? Dignified and graceful to move, conscious of every extension, yet pulled like strings from all of your fingertips: Dancing with reality.

Your self may contain 33 couplings, divided into five regions. A coupling has 7 processes, all made from bone. The processes protect your soul - a nervous, animated tentacle spanning your torso. Of the seven, four are used to connect each to the next. Two more protrude sideways, and a ligament stretches around them. Between each a disc of cartilege is made from gel to soften their collisions.

Unlike other creatures, this body's couplings do not pull one another along. The force of gravity pulls you forward as you dance with it learning, refining your body and technique. Ever more graceful. Ever more in tune with your own body. Becoming animated, powering on.