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Socialist RaccoonDecember 25, 2019 Must-Read from Pantopia Daily

Socialist Raccoon
The following list is organized only in chronological order and is a constant work in progress.

Rick Roderick, The Self Under Siege

A series of lectures on the most important Philosophers from the 19th and 20th Centuries, from Marx to Heidegger, from Nietzsche to Baudrillard.

Absolute Capitalism

Both an excellent essay on neoliberism and the best case for ecosocialism.

Endgame Marxism (and Urbanism)

On the development of urbanism under neoliberalism and the search for a Beckettian Marxism able to confront it.

Socialism for Realists

How would Socialism look like if it were to happen? A comprehensive essay touching on every aspect of a socialist society.

Real Problems of Socialism and Some Answers

Could a centralized planned economy work in today's world? How and what are its challenges?

A Marxist Analysis of the iPhone

Some basic concepts of Marxist Economics applied to one of the most popular products ever. The article linked here is only a short summary of a paper which you can find on the channel in the "Files" section.

What Will Spark the Next Insurrection in the US? Probably Everything

This article sums up everything that is wrong with the USA's modern society.

Basics of Organising from the IWW

A short pamphlet from the IWW on the essentials of early-stage organising at work, including the practice of 'workplace mapping'.

Behind the One-Way Mirror: A Deep Dive Into the Technology of Corporate Surveillance

A comprehensive essay on Corporate Surveillance with a focus on tracking.

Vicious Cycles: Theses on a philosophy of news

The best case against the industry of news.

One nation, tracked: An investigation into the smartphone tracking industry from Times Opinion

If tracking on the web wasn't bad enough, this investigation shows how widespread geotracking is for smartphones, and how much it reveals about our lives.

Dual Power Map, by Black Socialists

This map shows all the projects backed by the organization to create and promote the development of Dual Power, specifically in the USA. Taking a look at the whole site is highly recommended.

Atlas of Utopias, by Transformative Cities

The Atlas gathers responses to the Transformative Cities initiative, which seeks to learn from cities and collectives working on solutions to ensure access to water, food, energy and housing. These public solutions show us that another world is possible.