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Jackson’s writing is not simply a collection of objects, at least, not in the way we read it. Her writing can be described as stream-of-consciousness – that is, “multitudinous thoughts and feelings which pass through the mind” (Cuddon, 661). Jackson’s writing reads as the inspiration of thoughts by other thoughts, and experiences. For example, on /shoulders.html, there is movement between the description of her shoulders, her muscles, and then her unusual qualities as a woman and how they functioned for her socially as well as her own attitudes about it. Jackson’s writing also expands the meaning of multitudinous, as it goes beyond a single continuity. Continuities exist in the piece, but it primarily consists of bidirectional mappings between concepts – one notable exception is the movements from the start to the rest of the piece, again establishing its function moreso as a cover page or (unreliable) table of contents and not content of the text. Yet by defining some of the story’s moments with aesthetics, pictures and diagrams may take the place of words regarding the identity of each webpage. While textual titles can and are used in this essay, for the most part, there is an iconic nature to each of the sections – mostly body parts which can not only be invoked coherently as objects by their names, but also invoke sensory experiences in everyone due to the bodily nature of the subject matter.